A Prophecy, Fulfilled

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The Logos hath risen, 
The Word giveth light, 
It spreads out Its branches
By day and by night.

A blossoming wildflower 
Thy words hath become,
And now, resurrected,
They reach for the Sun.

Such great understanding
Is born of a seed,
Not a shovel I’ve lifted,
Yet, gold, I’ve received.

And if divine wisdom
Is given to they
Who seek in humility
Both night and day,

And if they should share
All the wisdom they see,
And if they would shine
Then a beacon they’d be,

For they shall be heard
By the seekers of light,
And they shall be known for their
Truth and their might.

So shine now, ye Sages,
Who wander the land,
Yield to the Father and
Lend of thy hand,

And as we all march
To our tragic reward,
We’ll laugh at the signs
Which we’d often ignored.