Brother, Oh Brother

Brother, oh brother, 
I don’t understand, 
For life’s not as simple
As sun, sea and sand.

Have ye now assumed,
As I write with my quill,
That I dabble in questions
My sweet time to kill?

I tell thee, my brother,
Ye’ve not heard me well,
And if it’s upon me
I’ll gladly retell.

For I deal with matters
That live in the heart,
And such matters are starving —
They now tear me apart. 

So let us now wander
Down this winding way,
To see what we see
And to say what we say,

And if it is true
That we all soon will die,
Then let us be guided
By sweet wisdom from on high.

Let’s start with one fact;
That we don’t understand,
And that we are all helpless
‘Less led by God’s hand.

For is it not true that there’re
Things we don’t see?
And is it not true that we
Struggle to be?

So must it not follow 
That because we are blind,
We are far from the masters 
Of all human kind? 

And is it not fair 
That because we feel pain,
We all need a wise Sage, 
Our freedom, to gain?

So let us not bark,
As those base creatures do,
At the wisdom which helps us,
Our souls, to renew.

Let us now drink of the 
Wisdom oft taught
By those seers of truth 
And those giants of thought.

Let’s heed to the guidance
Of the Sages who shine, 
Let’s hear their wise counsel,
And their words, so divine. 

Let’s swiftly reflect all the
Light that they shine,
Let’s give them the glory,
As we climb the true vine.

And once we’ve been guided by 
Saviour and Sage, 
And once we’re anointed
As kings of our age,

We’ll rise from our seats and step
Onto the stage, 
And humbly and boldly,
With our parts, engage.

My brother, my brother, 
We don’t understand, 
The hours of life are fleeting
Midst the wind which moves the sand.

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