We, the Sun, & I

We, the Sun, & I We We look out, and we are looked upon. But always we.  We see, and we are seen. But always we.  We search, and we are searched. But always we. We find, and we are found. But always we. We listen, and we are listened to. But always we. We […]

The Skies of Winter

The Skies of Winter I. I love the skies of winter,  So honest, crisp, and clear, And better yet are skies of June Than other times of year.  II. For they reflect the sun and earth With mastery, truth, and care,  Painting vivid strokes of red and gold Throughout the silent air. III. I love […]


RISE by Simon J. E. Drew Rise 1. On a dark and frosty meadow ‘Fore the dawning of the sun, Wild caribous are calling, For their day has just begun. 2. A cool breeze gently shifts the trees As mountain birds are waking.  A golden hue now pierces night As distant stars are fading. 3. […]

Pairidaēza Suite

Pairidaēza Suite by Simon J. E. Drew Prologue The musician, like the poet, looks within and without, and tells the story of what he sees. The musician, like the seer, reveals unto the masses the secrets which were once hidden. The musician, like the philosopher, discovers the commonalities which flow through all things, and sees […]