Cultural Curations

Art, in the broadest sense, is possibly the single most curious extract of human consciousness. For thousands of years painters, musicians, sculptors, poets and dramatists have submerged themselves within the realms of imagination, symbolism and possibility in order to create art that transcends the bounds of our mortal lives and hints of things divine by nature. As it was said in ancient times, ars longa, vita brevis, or “life is short, and art long.”

The following mini-curations have been formed by Simon Drew with the purpose of introducing fellow seekers to great art and music that they may have never experienced, and in a way that opens up the mind to greater awareness and understanding of the depth and symbolism within the various works. With that in mind, Simon recommends that those who engage with these mini-curations start with the following things in mind: 

  1. Use these mini-curations as a form of introspective meditation focused on the depth of culture which surrounds us all. Remember that throughout the ages our ancestors have endeavoured to preserve these works and to pass them on for future posterity, and consider the countless dollars and lives spent throughout history in the aim of preserving such cultural artifacts. Gratitude and careful attention are surely in order. 
  2. Consider how you feel as you view the image and listen to the music.  Try writing down the exact emotions that you experience, and try to be as specific as possible. 
  3. What symbols do you see in the art? What do you hear in the music? As you watch the art, write down any symbols or elements which stand out to you. Why might they be important? What do they tell you about the age when the art was created? What can they teach you about yourself?
  4. Ask yourself, “what wisdom can I gain from this experience?” As you do, consider also what you could learn about yourself, about humanity, or about the cosmos at large. Great wisdom is often learned from sitting, listening and looking.

Apart from all of this, just enjoy the opportunity to sit down and focus on important cultural artifacts and creations!