Have a Think

Have a think about these things;
What do you do? 
Why do you do it? 
Do you do it, or does it to you? 

What is of great worth? 
What is desirable? 
What is undesirable? 

What helps? 
What hinders? 

What gives? 
What is given? 
What takes? 
What is taken? 

Have a think about these things; 

What is wisdom? 
What is truth? 
What is it to discern? 

What is it to be humble? 
What is it to be aware? 

What is it to be? 
What is it to become? 

What is it to be one? 

What is it to be nought?  

See More With The Poet & The Sage​

All of my writings, explorations, music, and poetry compliment each other, and as such, it is highly recommended that the reader/listener engage first with my foundational works: Pairidaēza Suite and The Poet & The Sage. The hardcover version of The Poet & The Sage offers an excellent window into my mind and soul, and will enable a much richer experience for those who engage with all of my future works.​