In the Ancient Harbour

Giant waves beat upon the weathered mountains that have in days passed given way to this ancient harbour. 

This place is harsh and unforgiving, sometimes empty and lifeless, other times completely immersed by the ocean swell, but mostly somewhere in between. 

Few inhabit this harbour, but they who do are masters of night and day, keepers of the depths as well as the shallows, beholders of the creatures that lurk in the deep as well as the giants that roam the world above.

Many eyes have looked upon this place, but few have seen. Many have searched the depths of this ancient harbour in hopes of finding treasures, but few have known its essence, which is the true treasure.

Of the few who have seen this place, even fewer have told its story.

The sun has risen, lighting all ways and giving warmth and sustenance to the creatures who have weathered the cold, wet night.

Now all may view this ancient harbour.

Let all they who look upon this place see, that they may know the rocky mountains that hold firm over many days and nights while ocean swells batter and rush over there ever refining surface, never in the same way and never with the same waters.

Let they who know this place allow their minds to wander through the luscious green forests which grow midway between the barren Heights and the flooded depths of this ancient harbour, and let them look upon the creatures that inhabit these forests, even that they might know themselves.

Have you sailed from a distant land? Have you travelled over many oceans and through many a tempest sea? Have you hungered and thirsted, only to have been given salt?

Has your ship now docked within this ancient harbour? Do you find rest here? Are you nourished here? Will this be your home?

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All of my writings, explorations, music, and poetry compliment each other, and as such, it is highly recommended that the reader/listener engage first with my foundational works: Pairidaēza Suite and The Poet & The Sage. The hardcover version of The Poet & The Sage offers an excellent window into my mind and soul, and will enable a much richer experience for those who engage with all of my future works.​