In this episode, Simon speaks with John Kobik — host of the Chi for Yourself Podcast.

About John:

For 47 of his 70 years, John Kobik has been connected to “the media.” When he was 8 years old he knew what I wanted to do with his life. He began in radio, but he’s also done on-camera work, including commercials, films, television, and industrials. Add to these a bit of teaching at junior colleges and lots of voice-over work. 
At age 35 he hitched a ride from the East Coast of the US to Hollywood. He had no car, no job offers, and no contacts to rely on. After a couple of years in Hollywood, he moved south to the town of Laguna Beach, where he still lives. These days he’s mostly working online, including hosting the show Chi For Yourself. 

Listen to Chi for Yourself: