Mary Cairncross, 22/08/2021

Most people walk through these gardens because it is something to do. 

You can see it on their faces–they walk along the path as if it were some amusement park ride of which they are not too pleased with nor excited to be participating in. 

I enter these gardens with no expectation of show, nor with desire to receive anything from the garden.

It is because I do not seek to gain that I gain much.

I come here to pray, and as I do, the garden whispers deep secrets into my heart.

I come here to participate in the drama that is constantly unfolding amongst the ancient trees which have formed the brilliant natural cathedral above me.

I come here to listen to the opera that the forest birds now sing with reverence and gusto.

I come here to take part in the infinite creation which now manifests itself as trees, birds, pademelons, clouds, sun, dirt, branches, roots, seeds, and me.

It is because a take part that I am welcomed into these mysteries.

It is because I feel compelled to record these things that much is left yet unrevealed.

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