Alignment Coaching with Simon

When is it that you're least satisfied in your life? I'd guess that it's when you're not aligned with the person who you know you could and should be, and this is where I can help. 

My mission as an alignment coach is to help people to become highly effective human beings so that they can confidently navigate the many challenges and opportunities of their lives. I do this by helping my clients to create a picture of their personal ideal, and then I empower them to live their life in such a way that every day brings them closer to aligning with that self-defined ideal.

Your Journey

I help people like you to achieve massive results using my four pillars of life change:


All life change has to begin with an unadulterated commitment to truth. I help my clients to realise the power that comes when we ask honest questions with a genuine desire to find out the answer, no matter how inconvenient that answer may be. 


No personal or life change is easy, and if it were then it wouldn't be worth it. I help my clients  to reconnect with the part of themselves that not only knows how to turn chaos into order, but also loves doing it. 


When the time is right I help my clients to get extreme clarity about the person who they know they could be and should be but aren't. At this stage they design their own personal ideal and commit to aiming at it with the mission being to get as close to embodying that ideal as possible. 


We've now created a game plan and we're committed to change, so it's time for massive execution. I hold my clients accountable to stay on the path towards their ideal so that they can learn just how strong they really are. 

Stoicism - My Guide

Stoicism is an ancient Graeco-Roman philosophy, but in the truest form it's a way of life and a personal commitment to living with virtue, courage, temperance, and justice. But what does that mean?

That's the question I aim to answer in the Practical Stoic Podcast, a show where I dive deep into what it means to live by Stoic principles.    

About Simon

Hi, I'm Simon! I'm an alignment coach which means that I help people to achieve clarity, direction and greater results by aligning them with the person who they know they could be and should be. But that's not everything I do.  

Outside of coaching I'm a podcast host, a musician, a husband, a trail runner and a student of life. I have a saying: life is too short to live small. I'm trying to live up to that mantra, and I hope you will too.