1. On a dark and frosty meadow
‘Fore the dawning of the sun,
Wild caribous are calling,
For their day has just begun.

2. A cool breeze gently shifts the trees
As mountain birds are waking. 
A golden hue now pierces night
As distant stars are fading.

3. The sun now slowly rises 
Giving light to those who see,
And all the sun now shines upon 
Reflects with fervent glee.

4. And all who are are nourished
By the sun’s peculiar rays,
The campfire warms them through their nights,
And the sun’s light through their days.

5. The cold and lonely valley 
Now becomes a lively sight,
As foxtails glide above the grass
And bugs reflect the light.

6. And all that is is ising
As the daylight shelters all
From the terrors that the darkness brings,
But every sun must fall.

7. The sun will rise to midday heights,
And bear His horrid fate,
He will slowly sink below the hills
‘Neath Mother Nature’s weight.

8. And never will He shirk from this
Divine preordination,
For e’en the sun that shines above
Is bound by fate’s causation.

9. Wilt thou now feel the warmth of He
Who shines from heaven’s heights,
Giving wisdom to each Son of His
Who every candle lights?

10. Wilt thou listen to His promptings
As He seeks to chaos part?
Wilt thou sit upon a hilltop
Writing wisdom from thy heart?

11. Or wilt thou ever tarry
In the land of distant dreaming?
Wilt thou let thy fire smoulder
As the darkness now is scheming?

12. I say “Arise and be thou clean,
For the night is soon to come,
And all who now are sleeping
Will a dragon’s feast become.”

Comes the Night

The valley now is quiet,
Evening’s gloom hath dyed the sky.
The burning Sage hath fallen, 
Though His Logos will not die,

For the darkness doth make known  
That which the daylight hath concealed;
A sea of stars and a pregnant moon,
And the Universe, revealed.

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All of my writings, explorations, music, and poetry compliment each other, and as such, it is highly recommended that the reader/listener engage first with my foundational works: Pairidaēza Suite and The Poet & The Sage. The hardcover version of The Poet & The Sage offers an excellent window into my mind and soul, and will enable a much richer experience for those who engage with all of my future works.​