Leonidas Konstantakos | Stoic Just War Theory & Wrestling Pythons in Florida

About Leo: Leonidas Konstantakos is a PhD candidate working on Stoicism and International Relations, especially Stoic just war theory. He, along with Kai Whiting, is the co-author of “Being Better, Stoicism for a World Worth Living in”.  About the book:  Twenty-three centuries ago, in a marketplace in Athens, Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism, […]

Kai Whiting | Defining the Stoic Sage

KAI WHITING | DEFINING THE STOIC SAGE ABOUT OUR GUESTKai Whiting is a researcher and lecturer in sustainability and Stoicism based at UCLouvain, Belgium. He Tweets @kaiwhiting and blogs over at StoicKai.com. GUEST LINKSWEBSITE: CLICK HERE TWITTER: CLICK HERE