Robin Waterfield | The Life, Philosophy and Influences of Marcus Aurelius

Robin Waterfield is a British classical scholar, translator, and editor, specializing in Ancient Greek philosophy. His books include, among many others, Why Socrates Died – Dispelling the Myths, Creators, Conquerers and Citizens – A History of Ancient Greece, The Greek Myths – Stories of the Greek Gods and Heroes Vividly Retold, and now by far the […]

Brittany Polat | Stoic Parenting & Stoicon x Women 2021

Brittany Polat is the author of Tranquility Parenting: A Guide to Staying Calm, Mindful, and Engaged. She holds a Ph.D. in applied linguistics but currently researches and writes about Stoic psychology and philosophy. Brittany’s latest project is Living in Agreement, where she applies her lifelong interest in human nature to the discourse and practice of […]

Nancy Sherman | Ancient Lessons for Modern Resilience

Nancy Sherman is University Professor and Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University. Sherman is a New York Times Notable Author. Her books include Afterwar, The Untold War, Stoic Warriors, and now Stoic Wisdom. From 1997-1999, she served as the inaugural holder of the Distinguished Chair in Ethics at the US Naval Academy, designing and teaching […]

Leonidas Konstantakos | Stoic Just War Theory & Wrestling Pythons in Florida

About Leo: Leonidas Konstantakos is a PhD candidate working on Stoicism and International Relations, especially Stoic just war theory. He, along with Kai Whiting, is the co-author of “Being Better, Stoicism for a World Worth Living in”.  About the book:  Twenty-three centuries ago, in a marketplace in Athens, Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism, […]

Kai Whiting | Being Better (Stoicism for a World Worth Living In)

Kai Whiting is a researcher and lecturer in sustainability and Stoicism based at UCLouvain, Belgium. He Tweets @kaiwhiting and blogs over at  He is the co-author of Being Better | Stoicism for a World Worth Living In. About the book:  Twenty-three centuries ago, in a marketplace in Athens, Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism, built his […]

Seneca on Learning How to Die (PI)

“Memento Mori” is the phrase commonly used in Stoicism to encourage a remembrance of death and of what death means in relation to our lives, and in this episode Simon discusses Seneca’s thoughts on death and learning how to die.

Seneca on Age and Wisdom

In this episode Simon Drew discusses Seneca’s thoughts on age and wisdom. Quotes are derived from Seneca’s Epistles 4:1-2.

Steve Karafit | Seneca on Practicing What You Preach

In this episode Simon speaks with Steve Karafit from the Sunday Stoic Podcast about Seneca’s 20th letter – On Practicing What You Preach.  Listen to the Sunday Stoic Podcast here:

Thoughts on Meaning and Where to Find it

In this episode Simon shares a portion of a Patreon meetup recording from this weeks meetup on the topic of meaning and where to find it. He offers his thoughts on what meaning looks like, how to recognise it in your life, and what you might do in order to move closer towards more meaningful […]