Nancy Sherman | Ancient Lessons for Modern Resilience

Nancy Sherman is University Professor and Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University. Sherman is a New York Times Notable Author. Her books include Afterwar, The Untold War, Stoic Warriors, and now Stoic Wisdom. From 1997-1999, she served as the inaugural holder of the Distinguished Chair in Ethics at the US Naval Academy, designing and teaching […]

Seneca on Learning How to Die (PI)

“Memento Mori” is the phrase commonly used in Stoicism to encourage a remembrance of death and of what death means in relation to our lives, and in this episode Simon discusses Seneca’s thoughts on death and learning how to die.

Steve Karafit | Seneca on Practicing What You Preach

In this episode Simon speaks with Steve Karafit from the Sunday Stoic Podcast about Seneca’s 20th letter – On Practicing What You Preach.  Listen to the Sunday Stoic Podcast here: https://www.sundaystoicpodcast.com/

Seneca on Trust and Friendship

In this episode Simon Drew discusses Seneca’s thoughts on trust and friendship, derived from Seneca’s Epistles 3:2-4. 

Steve Karafit | Seneca on Philosophy as the Guide of Life

In this episode Simon speaks with Steve Karafit from the Sunday Stoic Podcast (https://www.sundaystoicpodcast.com/) about Seneca’s 16th epistle “On Philosophy as the Guide of Life”.  Support the podcast on patreon: www.patreon.com/simonjedrew/  Get coaching with Simon: www.simonjedrew.com/coaching/

Seneca on Desire, Wealth and Gratitude

In this episode Simon breaks down the important lessons on desire, wealth and gratitude found in verse 6 of Seneca’s second epistle. For coaching with Simon go to simonjedrew.com/coaching/ To support the show on Patreon go to patreon.com/simonjedrew/

Seneca’s Daily Learning Habit

In this episode Simon reflects on one of Seneca’s daily learning habits which can help any student of philosophy to better digest specific lessons and ideas.  Quote mentioned in the episode: Epistle 2:4-5

Seneca on Learning Wisely

What is the best way to learn how to think? How can one effectively gain wisdom through study? In this episode Simon Drew discusses Seneca’s theory of learning wisely and gives examples from his own life where this theory has applied.  Quote mentioned: Seneca’s Epistles 2:2 To support the Practical Stoic Podcast go to patreon.com/simonjedrew/

Seneca on the Sign of a Well-Ordered Mind

In this episode Simon Drew discusses a single passage from Seneca’s second epistle where he makes a suggestion about the sign of a well-ordered mind.  Quote mentioned in this episode: Seneca’s Epistle 2:1 To support the podcast and receive exclusive episodes like this you can visit patreon.com/simonjedrew/

Who was Seneca and Why Should We Study Him?

In this series, join Simon Drew as he dives deep into the writings of Lucius Annaeus Seneca – the renowned Stoic philosopher, politician, and playwright. In this episode Simon gives a brief overview of Seneca’s life, and he sets the scene for the episodes to come. Become a patron at patreon.com/simonjedrew/ to support Simon’s work […]