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Inspiration Session II. Jake Bush on Nature, Humanism, and Finding Purpose

Continuing our series on our vision for The Walled Garden, this week we hear from another contributor, Jake Bush. Jake shares his experiences growing up in rural Idaho and how spending time in nature contributed toward his philosophies on life. He discusses growing up in, and subsequently separating from the Mormon faith, traveling the world […]

Inspiration Session II. Jacob Bush on Nature, Humanism, and Finding Purpose

This episode is the first of what will be four inspiration sessions within The Walled Garden. These sessions are designed to allow each contributing founder of The Walled Garden (Simon Drew, Sharon Lebell, Kai Whiting, and Jacob Bush) to share what it is that they’d like to contribute to The Walled Garden community.  Today, we’re […]

Sharon Lebell, Kai Whiting, Jacob Bush, & Simon Drew Introduce The Walled Garden

This is the first episode of the revamped Practical Stoic Podcast, now The Walled Garden Podcast. In this episode, Simon Drew, Sharon Lebell, Kai Whiting, and Jacob Bush discuss their new collaboration, as well as the vision and mission of The Walled Garden, and the symbolism behind the name.

Sharon Lebell | Rescuing Philosophy from the Philosophers, and Virtue from the Sanctimonious

In this episode, Sharon and I discuss our new Patreon/Podcast collaboration: The Walled Garden. This is an idea that we’ve been mulling over for a few months now, and it’s time to spill the beans! You can follow along with new fortnightly episodes at patreon.com/simonjedrew/ About Sharon Lebell: For over 25 years Sharon Lebell’s international […]

Sharon Lebell | Deeper Wisdom, Amor Fati & the Power of Art

In this episode Simon Drew and Sharon Lebell have their monthly conversation, discussing topics such as the deeper wisdom of the cosmos, the principle of amor fati, and the power of art.

Sharon Lebell | Lessons Learned in 2020 (Part I)

In this episode Simon has a conversation with Sharon Lebell about various lessons learned in 2020.  Sharon Lebell is a writer, speaker and author of “The Art of Living – A Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness and Effectiveness”, a collection of her own interpretations of Epictetus’ best writings. You can buy the book HERE. To […]

Know Thyself | A Call to Curiosity, Duty & Reverence

Full text: I was recently reminded of a maxim that was inscribed on the temple of Apollo at Delphi – one which has actually been on my mind throughout this entire year. There are 147 of these maxims (you can find them here. Thanks to JC for sending this amazing list to me!), but this particular […]