Prof. Joseph Siracusa | The Coming War with China?

In this episode, Simon speaks with Prof. Joseph Siracusa about the potential threat of a war with China. Prof. Joseph Siracusa is the professor of Political History and International Diplomacy at Curtin University. Born and raised in Chicago and a long time resident of Australia, Joseph studied at the University of Denver and the University of Vienna […]

Leonidas Konstantakos | Stoic Just War Theory & Wrestling Pythons in Florida

About Leo: Leonidas Konstantakos is a PhD candidate working on Stoicism and International Relations, especially Stoic just war theory. He, along with Kai Whiting, is the co-author of “Being Better, Stoicism for a World Worth Living in”.  About the book:  Twenty-three centuries ago, in a marketplace in Athens, Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism, […]