Tending to the Garden

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Great is the bee who
Tends well to his garden,
He works all his life and yet
Ne’er does he harden.

“What’s good for the bee
Must be good for the hive,”
That’s the motto he lives by
That keeps him alive.

He knows what he does
And he does that “does” well;
He cares for his Queen while he’s
Under King’s spell.

And ne’er does he rest and yet
Ne’er does he strive;
He needs not a manual 
To flourish and thrive.

Why should I not marvel 
At a creature as he?
He’s humble and righteous,
Yet he holds the key.

And ever he cares for the
World that he knows,
He leaves only goodness
Wherever he goes.

So fly on, young worker bee,
Go tend to thy flowers—
If the sun shines, make honey,
To prepare for the showers.

And when thou hath worked
Thy poor body to death,
And when though hath exhaled
Thy final bee breath,

I’ll eat the sweet honey
I take from thy tree,
For all of the while
Thou wast working for me.

Thank you, bee.