The Sun & I

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When I rise in the darkness before the dawn, 
When I sit on a rock at the edge of a vast ocean that calls me,
When I feel the sand washing away beneath my feet,
When the crashing waves fill my heart with a yearning for great adventure,
When the sky is painted with vivid strokes of gold, white, and pale blue, foretelling the coming of a new day, 
When the clouds form a vast, grey wall at the edge of the world,
When the sea birds fly above me, keeping careful watch over the world below, 
When the rays of light pierce my skin, chasing away the cold of night,
I know that it is only the Sun and I.

I absorb that which the sun has given freely, and I share that same gift to those who would be nourished, 
But it is always, only the Sun and I.

I carry the sun’s warmth to distant lands, and I warm those who would also receive warmth. 
But it is always, only the Sun and I.

I am shined upon, and I reflect.  

I reveal the world before me with the light that shines from within. Others may see that which has been revealed, 
But it is always, forever, only the Sun and I. 

Together we rise. 

Together we will set.