Since early 2020, I’ve been exploring fundamental and sacred questions through the art of poetry. My poetry is of the mytho-mystical tradition, offering experiential proofs of our unique ability as human beings to commune with the divine spark that burns within each of us.


Most people walk through these gardens
because it is something to do. 

You can see it on their faces–
they walk along the path
as if it were some amusement park ride
of which they are not too pleased with
nor excited to be participating in. 

I enter these gardens
with no expectation of show,
nor with desire to receive
anything from the garden.

It is because I do not seek to gain
that I gain much.

I come here to pray, and as I do,
the garden whispers deep secrets
into my heart.

I come here to participate in the drama
that is constantly unfolding
amongst the ancient trees which have formed
the brilliant natural cathedral above me.

I come here to listen to the opera
that the forest birds now sing
with reverence and gusto.

I come here to take part
in the infinite creation
which now manifests itself as trees,
birds, pademelons, clouds, sun,
dirt, branches, roots, seeds, and me.

It is because a take part that I am
welcomed into these mysteries.

It is because I feel compelled to record these things
that much is left yet unrevealed.


The Poet & The Sage is a work born of the mystic tradition and delivered through the art of poetry and prose. The careful student will do well not to simply read this book, but to sit with it, and to allow the ideas therein to play gracefully within the heights and depths of their soul.


If thy mind doth seek adventure, 
Which a great mind often will, 
Then walk with Me to Heaven, 
And there thou’lt find thy thrill.

For Heaven is a place 
Where people go to find their story,
And although we’ve all been called,
Only some will find their glory.


Music is, for me, a sacred and vital language, and one which I have been speaking since my earliest years. I have a Bachelor of Music from the Queensland Conservatorium, majoring in jazz trumpet and vocal performance, though my current instruments of choice also include the piano and the didgeridoo. 


1. The musician, like the poet,
looks within and without,
and tells the story of what he sees.

2. The musician, like the seer,
reveals unto the masses
the secrets which were once hidden.

3. The musician, like the philosopher,
discovers the commonalities
which flow through all things,
and sees to it that these commonalities
are not lost.

4. The musician, like the explorer,
journeys beyond the safety of the garden walls,
later to return with bounty
to share with those who inhabit the garden.

5. The musician, like the prophet,
hears the rhythm of all things,
and reveals this rhythm to those who would hear.

6. The musician, like the rugged mountain wildflower,
bursts forth in a vivid display of delicate beauty,
reflecting the glory of the Sun above
while being nurtured by the Earth below.

7. The musician, like the ancient fig tree,
spreads his roots deep into the dark world below
and reaches his branches high up
into the infinite plains of eternity,
being guided by the Logos of the Whole.

8. The musician, like the songbird of the canopy,
sings the song of his heart,
which is the song of all things.

9. The musician hears a pairidaēza suite.
Let him now sing, even that we may know ourselves,
and even that we may know the way of THE ONE.



If it is the task of the philosopher to love and seek wisdom, and to demonstrate the art of living well, then such is the task to which I have bound myself. Of course, time and fortune will offer their blows, and as such, my adherence to this covenant will be revealed only by my actions, and even by those which nobody sees. 

Since 2017, I’ve been exploring the wisdom tradition of Stoicism via The Practical Stoic Podcast (now The Walled Garden). In 2018, I began offering one-on-one philosophical mentoring to interested listeners, and I’ve since worked with individuals from over 15 countries, including Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Columbia, South Korea, Norway, the Netherlands, and Canada.

I’ve philosophised with artists, executives, CEO’s, psychologists, counsellors, musicians, writers, professors, and medical professionals, and now I’m continuing to strengthen my capabilities for soul-doctoring as I study for a Master of Divinity. 

“I am not so shameless as to undertake to cure my fellow-men when I am ill myself. I am, however, discussing with you troubles which concern us both, and sharing the remedy with you, just as if we were lying ill in the same hospital.” 

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca


I offer both philosophical and creative mentoring as a way to engage with and help my fellow travelers on their own personal or artistic transformations. If you feel like you could use a philosophical hand to hold, I’m happy to help. I am typically able to take on between 8-10 individual students per week, so register below and I’ll be in touch with you shortly to see if we can arrange a free initial call to get to know each other better.