Rob Turner from GoGo Penguin

Rob turner is a musician from Manchester UK and is the Drummer and co-writer with the band GoGo Penguin. 
The band is known for expanding the piano trio format, combining elements of traditional styles such as Jazz and Classical with modern electronic music which they perform live on acoustic instruments. 

His work with the band has included five studio albums, two released by Manchester’s Gondwana Records, the second of which received the coveted mercury prize shortlist in 2014 and three albums released by the legendary Blue Note record label. 
With GoGo penguin Rob composed ‘As above so below, a hermetic influenced tribute to the work of Basil Kirchin commissioned by the performing rights society foundation, a live ballet performed at the Barbican and a live re-scoring of Godfrey Reggio’s cult masterpiece Koyaanisqatsi.

In addition to performing around the globe the band have also appeared on NPR’s tiny desk series, Jools Holland and together with co-member and bassist Nick Blacka Rob has presented on Giles Peterson’s worldwide FM radio.

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