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My coaching method is simple: human communication with the common goal of becoming wiser, stronger, better human beings. I listen to you, and I tell you the truth as I see it, I ask questions that provoke deeper thinking, and we both draw upon wisdom from past and present. Sometimes we’ll talk about practical personal development techniques, and other times we’ll philosophise and search for meaningful answers to tough questions that you’re wrestling with. If you’ve listened to my podcast or read my work and you trust my judgement, then you can book a free initial conversation with me via the button below. I’m looking forward to meeting you!​

How I Help My Clients

Clarifying aims

While the world of personal development can often focus too heavily on motivation, the pursuit of wisdom via philosophy helps us to pay attention to our aims. Humans are aiming creatures, but sometimes these aims can be perverted by repeated habits, limiting thoughts, and external influences that do not serve us. I help my clients to pay closer attention to the aims that they’re moving toward, and together we endeavour to clarify and redefine those aims so that they work for the client’s flourishing, and not against it. 

Building habits that aid flourishing

The things that we do, say, and think repeatedly are, to a large extent, the markers of what our future will become. I help my clients to think differently about their repeated behaviours, and I encourage them to develop new habits that aid their flourishing in the moment (which, in turn, aid future flourishing). 

Self-scrutiny and self-kindness

The Stoic philosopher Epictetus once said that there are two keys to personal growth: self-scrutiny and self-kindness. I have often found that one of the most important paths I could help my clients to walk on is that of self-kindness. Most people have the self-scrutiny down, though many are far too harsh and unforgiving in their judgements. I help my clients to strike a harmonious balance between scrutiny and kindness, which in turn acts as a powerful feedback loop of personal transformation and growth.

Self-knowledge and understanding

I believe that there is a wellspring of deep wisdom that lies within each and every human being, and I aim to help my clients to gain access to these waters. I’m an advocate of the age-old delphic wisdom of “know thyself,” and it’s my opinion that if I can help my clients to gain clearer access to their own personal understandings then I will have succeeded in giving them the tools to move forward in their lives with greater awareness, confidence, and wisdom.

Space for deeper thinking

One thing that often tell my new clients is that a session with me should feel like a meaningful conversation with a close friend who wants the best for them. I allow space for the coaching relationship to grow into one where both the client and I are comfortable in each others presence, and where we can freely and honestly discuss the most significant matters of life through the lense of philosophy, theology, and broader cultural wisdom.

A hand to hold

Seneca once wrote that he wished not to give advice as if he had all the answers, but only as if he were a fellow patient in the same hospital, lying in a bed opposite to the student, talking about how they could both become well. This is how I like to work with my own clients. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. I have not gained an ultimate understanding of the principles we may discuss in our sessions, but I only wish to be wiser, stronger, and better week-by-week, and I hold my client’s hand as we walk this same road together.

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