My coaching method is simple: human communication with the common goal of becoming wiser, stronger, better human beings. I listen to you and I tell you the truth as I see it, I ask questions that provoke deeper thinking, and I draw upon wisdom from past and present. Sometimes we'll talk about practical personal development techniques, and sometimes we'll philosophise and search for meaningful answers to tough questions that you're wrestling with. If you've listened to my podcast or read my work and you trust my judgement then you can book a free initial conversation with me via the button below. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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The Philosophical Way

In order to help my clients to move closer toward their own personal ideal, I often focus on three core elements of being which have informed humanity since the dawn of time: 


Human beings are not divorced from Nature, but rather we are formed by and encapsulated within Nature. As I guide my clients to pay close attention to their external Nature, as well as their internal nature, they inevitably arrive at a greater awareness of the powerful and innate tools which they have at their immediate disposal. 


If Nature forms us (what we are), then it is Culture which shapes us (who we are). I encourage my clients to become sophisticated stewards of their culture by utilising and improving upon the tools and wisdom of past generations in order to propel them forward toward their desired ideal. 


We’re products of both Nature and culture, but it is the Logos which guides us. This ancient philosophical term represents our ability as human beings to intelligently navigate Nature and culture in order to create “heaven on earth,” or in other words, to form one’s ideal out of potential. It can best be understood as true sight, true hearing, true speech, true intention, and true action. 

A Common Process for Personal Growth

I often use the following strategy with my clients in order to help them to move closer toward personal goals in their lives. 


As the saying goes, inspiration starts with education. The first step towards any character development is to seek better information, or at least to take stock of the wisdom which you currently have on hand. 


Next, it’s time to plan. I help my clients to clearly define their own personal ideal, and then we create a road map to the perusal of that ideal. 


Of course, all the education and planning in the world won’t account for a lack of action. I hold my clients accountable to living by the principles which they wish to embody.


The process of character development requires constant tweaking. As your consciousness expands with greater education, better plans, and more effective execution, your mind will be opened to better pathways or information that will lead you to your ideal. 


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