Dru Johnson on Biblical Philosophy & Epistemology

Dru Johnson is an associate professor of biblical and theological studies at The King’s College in New York City,  director of the Center for Hebraic Thought , editor at The Biblical Mind, host of the Center for Hebraic Thought Podcast, and co-host of the OnScript Podcast. Before that, he was a high-school dropout, skinhead, punk rock drummer, combat veteran, IT supervisor, and pastor—all things that he hopes none of his children ever become.

Website: https://drujohnson.com/

The Biblical Mind: https://thebiblicalmind.org/

Centre for Hebraic Thought Podcast: https://centerforhebraicthought.podbean.com/

On Script Podcast: https://onscript.study/

Books: https://drujohnson.com/page/