A Whole New World

A Whole New World When you really look at things, a whole new world presents itself.  A world that cannot be seen with a camera.  When you really look at things, mysteries become known.  When you really look at things, life is revealed. See More With The Poet & The Sage​ All of my writings, […]

A Marvelous Death

A Marvelous Death I came to see you today, but you had long since begun your journey to the ground, and you were dry and wilted.  And while my heart sank in morning for our never having communed during your season of bloom, you nurtured my weeping soul, and you reminded me that even a […]

A Curious Thing

A Curious Thing It really is a curious thing, isn’t it?  As soon as you think you have it, it’s gone.  One minute you’ve grasped it, the next it’s slipped through your fingers. It likes to be chased, but never to be caught.  It is always running, but to where?  It sits, but upon what?  […]

The Walled Garden Suite

The Walled Garden Suite I. Tarry here, all ye who love wisdom, For here wisdom flows, And we fill our cups, and drink. II. Enter here, all ye whose hearts desire The fruits of virtue, For in these walls we desire the same. III. Be amongst us, all ye who know beauty, And all ye who can feel […]

The Styles of Old

The Styles of Old I. The styles of old have caught my heart, They’ve danced throughout my soul, They’ve taught me of this holy spark, That links me to the Whole. II. And I’ve never since now wandered On a path so clear and bright, Nor seen so many wildflowers, Nor as many stars at […]

Seneca Cries Out

Seneca Cries Out The soul of Seneca cries out from the deep: “My words! My words! What have you done with my words?! Is this what will become of the wisdom which I have so carefully seated among the fertile plains of eternity? Will my sayings now be slapped upon cheap wares only to be […]

The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul When the games have been played,  When the masks have been snatched,  When the musician has played the last chord,  When the last drink has been served,  When the fountain has dried up,  When the faces no longer glow with youthful naivety,  When the friends no longer visit,  When […]

Ode to Seneca

Ode to Seneca Study Lucius Annaeus Seneca, if you must study a man.  Study his life to learn the trials of a Sage.  Study his Epistles to see a great man sewing righteous seeds among men. Study his Consolations to see wisdom in action.  Study his Natural Questions to see a fine soul at play.  Study his Tragedies to taste the fruit of […]

The Stoic Way

The Stoic Way Everyone is talking about Stoicism.  I’d rather talk with the same spirit that the Stoics so that I can feel as they felt, and see what they saw, and hear what they heard, and know what they knew. Everyone is picking teams. Choose wisely, and with great care and discernment.  Everyone is […]

My Art, Codified

My Art, Codified I play music like I write poetry; The Spirit guides, and I am guided.  I practice philosophy like I play music; Much folly with brief spells of wisdom. I compose music like I act in life; I play the wildflowers. I live as I write; I do not lord it over myself.  […]