The Walled Garden Podcast

The Walled Garden Podcast is an extension of The Walled Garden online community, hosted by Simon Drew, Sharon Lebell, and Kai Whiting. In this podcast where we explore a wide range of topics regarding philosophy, theology, beliefs, ideas, art, poetry, music, and creativity from a variety of contributors and members. New episodes are posted weekly, and we invite any who are interested to visit to access a wider range of content including participation in group discussions, access to articles and ebooks, as well as art, music, and poetry. The Walled Garden seeks to discuss life’s big questions, with the goal of gaining deep insights and making the most of how we live.


My philosophical mentoring method is simple: human communication with the common goal of becoming wiser, stronger, better human beings. I listen to you, I tell you the truth as I see it, I ask questions that provoke deeper thinking, and we both draw upon wisdom from past and present. If you’ve listened to my podcast or read my work and you trust my judgement, then you can book a free initial conversation with me via the button below. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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