Mapleton Forestry, 11/08/2021

Mapleton Forestry, 11/08/2021 Towering gum trees now are gathered around me while I lie within their midst. They seem to me to be like ancient elders, and we commune as such as they peer down into my world, and I up to theirs.  “You have misspoken, Young Poet,” they whisper to me now, “For hath […]

In the Ancient Harbour

In the Ancient Harbour Giant waves beat upon the weathered mountains that have in days passed given way to this ancient harbour.  This place is harsh and unforgiving, sometimes empty and lifeless, other times completely immersed by the ocean swell, but mostly somewhere in between.  Few inhabit this harbour, but they who do are masters […]

Have a Think

Have a Think Have a think about these things; What do you do?  Why do you do it?  Do you do it, or does it to you?  What is of great worth?  What is desirable?  What is undesirable?  What helps?  What hinders?  What gives?  What is given?  What takes?  What is taken?  Have a think […]

Our Home on the Sand

Our Home on the Sand I am the eye that looksout on THE ONE. I am the mother who loves.I am the child who is loved.I am the father who protects.I am they who are protected.I am the sun that risesand the stars and moonthat take its placeonce the night has come.I am the cloud that […]


Delusion There’s a fine line between genius and delusion.  There is an even finer line between divine intuition and natures sly deceptions.  “A whispered word he often heard From his father on the mount, For they sat the beneath the ancient Tree And filled their cups with the sweet waters of the sacred fount.” When one believes […]

Cool It

Cool It Cool it, kid.  Slow it down, just for a second.  Pay attention, Son, there’s a lot to see.  Trust me, Young Poet. We’ve done all this before.  Trust you, Saviour. You already know what to do.  Just take things one step at a time. You can do that–you’re a Sage.  There is a […]


Civilised Are we really all that civilised in our modern times? Who among us has freed himself from the shackles of his basest instincts? Who can truly say that he has risen above the plight of primitive man? Who has entered the halls of the gods? Is there anyone now who does not cower beneath […]

Caterpillar Eggs

Caterpillar Eggs As I wrote my poems at the edge of the garden, a woman made her rounds, and she stopped to talk along the way.  I asked her if she walked on this path very often, and she said that she came here daily.  She said that she liked how the garden changed with […]

Brother, Oh Brother

Brother, Oh Brother Brother, oh brother, I don’t understand, For life’s not as simpleAs sun, sea and sand. Have ye now assumed,As I write with my quill,That I dabble in questionsMy sweet time to kill? I tell thee, my brother,Ye’ve not heard me well,And if it’s upon meI’ll gladly retell. For I deal with mattersThat live in […]